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Indonesia - Irrigation » Area Equipped for Full Control Irrigation - Surface irrigation

(thousand ha)
in 2005

Surface irrigation of Indonesia increased from 4,107 thousand ha in 1980 to 6,722 thousand ha in 2005 growing at an average annual rate of 29.81 %.

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Surface irrigation systems are based on the principle of moving water over the land by simple gravity in order to moisten the soil. They can be subdivided into furrow, borderstrip and basin irrigation (including submersion irrigation of rice). Manual irrigation using buckets or watering cans are also included. Surface irrigation does NOT refer to the method of transporting the water from the source up to the field, which may be done by gravity or by pumping.

Date Value Change, %
2005 6,722.00 51.81 %
1996 4,428.00 7.82 %
1980 4,107.00