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Domestic Supply » Processed - Wheat processed

(thousand tonnes)

Belgium is the top country by wheat processed in the world. As of 2013, wheat processed in Belgium was 1,608 thousand tonnes that accounts for 20.41 % of the world's wheat processed. The top 5 countries (others are France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and Azerbaijan) account for 60.73 % of it. The world's total wheat processed was estimated at 7,878 thousand tonnes in 2013.

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Default composition: 15 Wheat, 16 Flour of Wheat, 18 Macaroni, 20 Bread, 21 Bulgur, 22 Pastry, 23 Starch of Wheat, 41 Breakfast Cereals, 110 Wafers; nutrient data only: 17 Bran of Wheat, 19 Germ of Wheat, 24 Gluten of Wheat, 114 Mixes and Doughs, 115 Food