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Balance of Payments » Reserves - Total reserves (includes gold, current US$)

(current US$)

China is being the top country by total reserves (includes gold, current US$) in the world. As of 2015, total reserves (includes gold, current US$) in China was 3,405,253 million current US$ that accounts for 29.09 % of the world's total reserves (includes gold, current US$). The top 5 countries (others are Japan, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and the United States of America) account for 53.40 % of it. The world's total total reserves (includes gold, current US$) was estimated at 11,707,386 million current US$ in 2015.

Total reserves comprise holdings of monetary gold, special drawing rights, reserves of IMF members held by the IMF, and holdings of foreign exchange under the control of monetary authorities. The gold component of these reserves is valued at year-end (December 31) London prices. Data are in current U.S. dollars.