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Financial Sector » Access - Depositors with commercial banks

(number per thousand adults)

Singapore is the top country by depositors with commercial banks in the world. As of 2015, depositors with commercial banks in Singapore was 2,260.8 number per thousand adults that accounts for 3.62 % of the world's depositors with commercial banks. The top 5 countries (others are Estonia, Malta, Cabo Verde, and Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)) account for 16.16 % of it. The world's total depositors with commercial banks was estimated at 62,528 number per thousand adults in 2015.

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Depositors with commercial banks are the reported number of deposit account holders at commercial banks and other resident banks functioning as commercial banks that are resident non-financial corporations (public and private) and households. For many countries data cover the total number of deposit accounts due to lack of information on account holders. The major types of deposits are checking accounts, savings accounts, and time deposits.