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Financial Sector » General Government finance - General government revenue in current LCU

(billion LCU)

Iran is the top country by general government revenue in the world. As of 2016, general government revenue in Iran was 1,972,621 billion LCU that accounts for 32.38 % of the world's general government revenue. The top 5 countries (others are Indonesia, Viet Nam, Republic of Korea, and Colombia) account for 88.11 % of it. The world's total general government revenue was estimated at 6,092,884 billion LCU in 2016.

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Revenue consists of taxes, social contributions, grants receivable, and other revenue. Revenue increases government's net worth, which is the difference between its assets and liabilities (GFSM 2001, paragraph 4.20). Note: Transactions that merely change the composition of the balance sheet do not change the net worth position, for example, proceeds from sales of non-financial and financial assets or incurrence of liabilities.