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Gas - Gross Heat Content of Dry Natural Gas Production

(Btu per Cubic Foot)

Greece is being the top country by heat content of dry natural gas in the world. As of 2013, heat content of dry natural gas in Greece was 1,439 btu per cubic foot. The top 5 countries also includes Ecuador, Peru, Japan, and Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of).

Heat content is the amount of heat energy available to be released by the transformation or use of a specified physical unit of an energy form (e.g., a ton of coal, a barrel of oil, a kilowatthour of electricity, a cubic foot of natural gas, or a pound of steam). The amount of heat energy is commonly expressed in British thermal units (Btu). Note: heat content of combustible energy forms can be expressed in terms of either gross heat content (higher or upper heating value) or net heat content (lower heating value), depending upon whether or not the available heat energy includes or excludes the energy used to vaporize water (contained in the original energy form or created during the combustion process). The Energy Information Administration typically uses gross heat content values