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Military expenditure and trade - Arms exports (constant 1990 US$)

(constant 1990 US$)

The United States of America is being the top country by arms exports (constant 1990 US$) in the world. As of 2015, arms exports (constant 1990 US$) in the United States of America was 10,484 million constant 1990 US$ that accounts for 36.66 % of the world's arms exports (constant 1990 US$). The top 5 countries (others are Russian Federation, Germany, France, and China) account for 76.91 % of it. The world's total arms exports (constant 1990 US$) was estimated at 28,599 million constant 1990 US$ in 2015.

Arms transfers cover the supply of military weapons through sales, aid, gifts, and those made through manufacturing licenses. Data cover major conventional weapons such as aircraft, armored vehicles, artillery, radar systems, missiles, and ships designed