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Telecomm Services - Fixed telephone lines per 100 inhabitants

(number per 100 inhabitants)

Monaco is the top country by fixed telephone lines per 100 inhabitants in the world. As of 2015, fixed telephone lines per 100 inhabitants in Monaco was 128.1 number per 100 inhabitants that accounts for 3.67 % of the world's fixed telephone lines per 100 inhabitants. The top 5 countries (others are Falkland Islands, France, Taiwan Province of China, and Hong Kong) account for 10.66 % of it. The world's total fixed telephone lines per 100 inhabitants was estimated at 3,491.9 number per 100 inhabitants in 2015.

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A fixed telephone line (previously called main telephone line in operation) is an active* line connecting the subscriber's terminal equipment to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and which has a dedicated port in the telephone exchange equipment. This term is synonymous with the terms main station or Direct Exchange Line (DEL) that are commonly used in telecommunication documents. It may not be the same as an access line or a subscriber. This should include the active number of analog fixed telephone lines (112a), ISDN channels (28c), fixed wireless (WLL), public payphones (1112) and VoIP subscriptions (112IP). If not included, specify in a note. *Active lines are those that have registered an activity in the past three months.