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Female foeticide is an ever-growing menace in Indian societies, and there is ample evidence. Censuses and surveys bring about seriously threatening statistics and figures. According to the latest Census 2011, the overall sex ratio in India is 940 females per 1000 males. This may seem insignificant – why’s 60 less girls such a big issue? However, consider the massive population of India of over 1.22 billion, and do your math right and you’ll see the gravity of the situation. A deficit of 60 females per 1000 males, translates into a deficit of about 37 million (3.7 crore) females in India – and that is a huge figure.

In a natural world, without sex selective abortion, the sex ratio should be approximately 980 females per 1000 males (this is evolution’s way of correcting for the higher infant mortality rate in boys, than girls, so the sex ratio is balanced by the onset of early adulthood in females – amongst several other factors). Do some more math, and you’ll realize that there are 12 million less females in India than there should be.

Source : Child sex ratio and foeticide by states of India

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